My Lake Home & Tree House

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My lake home and tree house
My lake home and tree house

couples luv us
couples luv us

Groomed cross country ski trails
Groomed cross country ski trails

My lake home and tree house
My lake home and tree house




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My lake Home and Tree House 

is Minnesota's most unique and serene get-way for adults. enjoy the solitary natural beauty on undeveloped Dixon Lake with twinkling stars, Romancing and great fishing.  Whether you are looking to spoil the kid in you or want a bucket list memorable vacation we have it all. Offering unique lake front rentals with a modern artistic twist. Eight wooded acres with plush level lawns lead to 250 feet of lake shore and many water amenities.  A`round My Lake Home guests enjoy whimsical gardens, three courtyards, several lounging spaces and lake side amenities.

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This is a smoke free establishment

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