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massage services

Reservation Line 218-659-4797

We would like to invite you to enjoy a truly therapeutic and relaxing massage service right here at My Lake Home Inn.  Massage Therapy is available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday-Saturday.   Our massage services are extra special, with a touch of Shinrin Yoku, a Japanese form of therapy known as forest bathing.  We focus on all 5 senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  Our Relaxing Massages are enhanced with soft lighting, relaxing music and the sounds of nature.  We go all out with warming blankets, positive energy, healing scents and organic essential oils and lotions made specifically for relaxing the body, mind and spirit. 

 All paid massages come with sweet treats and all the extra's we provide. Book your massage when making your reservation.


Lay quietly like a fox,

See` in your mind a favorite place, (could it be lake side )

Hear` really listen, the forest has a soothing sound,

Smell` the healing scents of the early morning pine,

Taste`our refreshing treats,

Feel`the healing oils wash your stress away,

your in the forest... Breathe slowly, Open all your senses. 
This is the healing way of forest bathing, 
the medicine of simply being in the forest.


50 minute Relaxing massage / $135 

        90 minute / $165 .


Hot stone Massage  

 50 minute / $145 .

  90 minute / 175. 



This was the best massage experience I ever had, Kathryn goes out of her way to provide a unique and relaxing time.
Marsha Jordan

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